What Is Fiber Optics

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Fiber Optic

More and more we hear about fiber optic cables, we hear that it is much better and faster at transmitting data than copper cable or satellite signals. But how does it work?


While traditional copper wires use electric pulses to transmit information, fiber optics cabling is made of hundreds of strands of glass or plastic with a width of about 1/10th of the size of human hair. These strands are used to transmit pulses of light through them, this not only means that data can travel near the speed of light, but also data and internet signals can travel much further over the fiber without experiencing any drop in quality or strength, which is something that does happen with copper cables 


Better Suited For Extreme Weather Events

Since fiber optic cables don’t use electricity to transmit data, power outages do not affect them. This also means that you can place fiber optic cables near powerful electrical equipment without causing electromagnetic interference. Fiber optic cables are also much more resistant to extreme environmental events or even fire hazards.


Fiber Optic Cables Connection Security

The signals sent over fiber optic cables are less likely to be intercepted thus reducing the possibility of your personal or company information being stolen. Security measures, however, are always advised. Firewalls and antiviruses are great tools for keeping your information secure.


What are the uses of fiber optic cables?

Fiber optic cables are an excellent choice for dedicated internet access, due to there not being a drop in the strength of the signal a fiber optic ethernet cable allows you to experience a consistent amount of bandwidth at all times, but its uses are far more diverse than just internet, they are often used for:


  • TV
  • Data
  • Cloud Services
  • Managed Network Services


Fiber optic cables are an exciting technology, here at TX Intellicomm, we are experts at installing and servicing current installations of fiber optic cables in the Houston area. If you want to implement them in your home or commercial environment, we are your best choice for a guaranteed job done with excellence and a customer service experience you won’t forget. 

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