Is your Business being Disrupted by Chaotic Cabling?

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Construction, Fiber Optic, Maintenance

Things can very quickly spiral out of control when your structured cabling installation is done carelessly. Without proper discipline, what began off well-organized can rapidly devolve into a cluster of cables that quickly becomes chaotic and disorganized. 

Disorganized cabling isn’t only unappealing; it may also be detrimental to your business including:

  • Application and production are slowed by signal interference.
  • Connections become faulty and break as a result of pinched cabling.
  • Troubleshooting network issues gets increasingly difficult.
  • When technicians have to sift through the clutter, upgrades become more complex.
  • Cable congestion and entanglement endangers workers’ safety.

TX Intellicomm as your structured cabling installation provider can assist you if your cable infrastructure is out of control. For our customers, we have 12+ years of expertise designing, installing, and supporting. We provide data cabling solutions for commercial, residential, and non-profit organizations. Among our cabling options are:


  • Planning and design of physical networks
  • Cabling from computer rooms to demarcation points, equipment closets, as well as between floors.
  • Desktop cabling that runs horizontally
  • Wi-Fi networks that provide coverage throughout the building and on campus
  • Labeling and documentation of cables

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