How do you know its time to upgrade your Data Cabling Structure?

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Building, Construction, Fiber Optic

The current state of the world makes it almost impossible for a business to be successful without being connected. Information flows in and out of your company as well as within, and the via through which this information flows is as important as the data itself. 

Regardless of your industry, you want to have a reliable and safe data network cabling infrastructure that is up to the current standard and through which you can help your clients and employees achieve their goals.


Keep an eye on new technologies and trends:

Technology advancements in the structured cabling industry happen regularly and often bring the capacity to communicate at higher speeds and in a safer way.  Higher speeds mean more data transmitted, more transactions you can perform per minute, and more efficient while operating your business and helping your clients.

If you are not the kind of person who keeps up to date with the latest news in this field, you can always talk to a specialist. TX Intellicomm is happy to provide you all the latest news regarding network cabling solutions and more.

Plan for growth

It’s the very nature of every business to want to grow and scale service offerings so everybody can benefit from their products. The rate at which your company will expand is oftentimes only as fast as the technology you have built it upon will allow it to.  


Your data network cabling structure must always have room to be upgraded, otherwise, you will start falling short against your competitors and lose your current and potential customers to them. Implementing scalable solutions that can be easily modernized and upgraded will allow you to change with the upcoming technologies and stay on top of your competitors.

Let a professional take a look at it

As we mentioned before, you might not be a person who is on top of this information, you have a business to run after all. Having an expert take a look at the condition of your current data network cabling is usually the fastest way to know what needs to be upgraded or if there are better network cabling solutions out there compared to what you currently have.


Tx Intellicomm is providing the best network cabling services in Houston Texas and is ready to take your call and explore how your business can benefit from new technologies and upgrades for your data network infrastructure.

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