Fiber Optic Best Practices

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Fiber Optic

Important Things You Must Know About Fiber Optic Cabling

According to Cambridge Dictionary, to connect means “to join or connect the ends of an object so as to make them one unit”. Therefore in simple terms, fiber optic cabling is used to connect two different fiber optic cables so that they become one unit. There are many different use cases for fiber optic cabling. This type of cabling has emerged as one of the most important and preferred networking solutions by companies around the globe.

fiber optic cabling

In the technological world we live in now, fiber optic cabling is used almost everywhere. It is mostly installed for high speed internet access. Most people are unaware of the fact that fiber cables are also used for internal purposes in homes. The most common usage for fiber cable in homes is in the computer industry. For this, there are two kinds of cables; optical cables which are made from glass and copper wires and the latter are known as fiber optic zip ties.

Due to the ever increasing demand for fiber optic cabling, there are many companies all around the world that are offering this service. However, when choosing a company for this purpose, it is important to follow some best practices to avoid regrets in the future. It is also important to get the best quality because fiber optic cabling comes at a price and in order to get the best quality fiber optic cabling one must spend some money. To help you in choosing the best company for your needs, here are some best practices which you can follow:

In fiber optic cabling the fiber cable is secured through strands of glass that are called fiber cores. These strands are designed in such a way that any obstacle can not interfere with the signal. Once the transmission has been completed, the fiber cable is unplugged and can be reconnected into the circuit breaker. Apart from these, there are many other factors which can affect the performance of a fiber optic cabling system and these include coaxial cable lengths, voltage, RF signals, fiber optic cable lengths, Ethernet converters and routers, power cable lengths and many more. Hence, in order to get optimum performance it is important to follow some best practices in this regard.

It is important to follow best practices in splicing fiber optic cabling because if the splice is done incorrectly it could result in damage to one of the cables and thus may lead to loss of signal. In addition to that, the spliced fibers can become disconnected and damage the working equipment. If the splicing is done correctly, then it is easy to join two different fiber optic cabling cables together and hence there is no chance of losing the signal or wasting any valuable data.

There are several options available for fiber optic joining and among them the most popular ones are patch panels and splice/ Ribbon cables. Patch panels are used when you want to link two fiber optic end-caps at the same time. In patch panels, fiber optic cabling is run on a single core with patch panels having mating ports for both ends of the cable. The patch panel mating serves as a security barrier and hence there is very little possibility of the splicing becoming broken. On the other hand, the splice is used when you want to link two separate fibers together and in that case, two fiber optic cables are joined by using metal patches.

Fiber optic cabling can be made fast and easy when you use the best techniques like fiber optic fusion and zip ties. Fiber fusion is done by tying multiple fiber cables together with the help of zip ties. In zip ties, metal clips are used on both the cables so that the entire cabling gets firmly fixed. Once the fiber cables have been fused, you can easily join them together with the help of appropriate fusion connectors.

Fiber cabling has become an essential part of telecommunication system these days and hence cable managers must pay special attention to their cable management. If the cable system has been poorly managed, it can bring severe inconveniences to the functioning of the office. The installation and maintenance of your office network is an important task and hence your cable managers should give proper attention to it.

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